Synopsis – Lost a Girl

A new job,  a new city, a new start. As Saskia waves goodbye to her ex-boyfriend and sister, with them go the last vestiges of a scarred childhood,  and for the first time she feels the excitement and potential of a life away from the demons of her past.
Having settled into the job, Saskia becomes aware of unusual tensions between herself and her colleagues. Animosity and hostility circulate. Feeling isolated and alone, her co-workers appear to be conspiring against her, but all is not as it seems.
A clandestine meeting with her boss sets her mind racing about the possibilities of corporate sabotage and character assassinations and Saskia is plunged into a world of paranoia, jealousy and betrayal.
An outside investigation is launched and Saskia is enlisted as a trusted employee to help with small tasks concerning the security of the company.
With no one to turn to and mounting pressures on her performance at work, the cracks begin to appear. A malignant force  permeates the darkness and encroaches on Saskia in ways she never thought possible. 
Kate, a co-worker, goes missing, and the police begin an investigation. It seems someone is trying to frame Saskia and she needs to find out who, before it’s too late.
Saskia learns that her actions have terrifying consequences, and as  truths are uncovered, an evil is unleashed that she had long forgotten but could never escape.

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