On this page we hope to answer as many questions as possible regarding the downloading and purchase of our film ‘Lost A Girl’

What format is the file for download?

The file is .MP4 with x264 codec encoding, and will work on MAC / PC and Linux Based systems

Please firstly check compatibility by downloading the trailer – which has been produced in the same way – so download here (right click – save target/link as) HERE

What is the file size?

1.2 GB

How is the file delivered?

After payment processing the file is delivered in a .zip folder.

Step one – pay for the film (via the link on the homepage), and provide email address. File link will be delivered via your email address – you will receive an e-mail from ‘Porcelain Film Ltd’ (that’s us)- please check your junk mail folder, just in case the email goes there. 

Step two – click on the link and wait, (can take up to 30 seconds for links to initialize) Your browser will then begin the download, so select somewhere you would like to save the file.

Step three – unzip the file

Step four – Watch the film!

I don’t have a PAYPAL account but I still want to buy the film, what can I do?

You don’t need a paypal account to purchase the film – users can use their credit cards by choosing the second option on the paypal payment page ‘Don’t have a PayPal Account?’ where you will be prompted to enter details, just like any other payment processor.

I am having trouble playing the file, what steps can I take?

We recommend using the free VLC media player for playing the film.

My link has expired – WTF?

Links are set to expire after a time, for security and sharing purposes, so we recommend downloading the link as soon as it is sent to you. If you have had some major malfunctions on your computer and lost the file, then contact us and we can re-send for you ;)


More details on the whole process, below…

Here’s some frequently asked questions for the benefit of some folk who encounter problems when using our site…and also more importantly some facts about our security measures…

To ensure that our film links stay secure we have a time and date based security system in place, for this to work without a hitch you must make sure that your current internet settings and computer settings are up to date, checking that your date and time on your desktop and browser are current, if they show today’s date, then your up to date! if they don’t well then, change those settings… This usually only applies to some people who update their machine with a new OS and they forget or bypass the date and time settings, this is also important for certificates on web sites etc…

Also, only begin to process your transaction if you know you can download the clip within hours after the payment has been processed, rather than the next day, most people pay for the Film and then download straight away, this is what we recommend.

After processing your payment via PayPal the link is automatically generated and sent to you in an email, we also get a copy of this email to confirm its delivery.

Right click on the link (save link as, save target as, depending on browser) some browsers will allow you to click and then the download will start automatically others may initiate a media player and begin playing the clip, so we recommend always using the right click option. Especially if you want to save the clip to your machine. We recommend the google chrome browser to avoid right click issues… http://www.google.co.uk/chrome

Links also expire if you try to re-initiate a download. Our downloads do not support resume. Make sure you have a good connection at home or at work, rather than an internet cafe. After 5 attempts the link will render itself inactive, so make sure you have an unbroken connection and this wont happen to you.

If you do have problems other than those here listed then lets us know, but make sure you follow these recommendations.

Playing the FILM…

We can recommend either…

VLC Player – which is free! Which can be found here… http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

or Media Player Classic/ Quicktime Alternative , which can be found here (also free) http://www.free-codecs.com/quicktime_alternative_download.htm

The FILM should also work on the standard media player for those using windows.

Let us know if you have problems with the clips , we’ll be happy to help.





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